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Punchneedle Tips

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Punchneedle is quick and fun to do. Here are a few tips which may help you get started.


There is no need to buy a special hoop to do Punchneedle successfully. However, the fabric does need to be held very firmly to withstand the pressure of punching the thread through. I used a technique which I was taught when starting machine embroidery. Take an ordinary embroidery hoop (preferably wooden). Take the inner ring and wrap bias binding all around the circumference so that the wood is completely covered, overlapping all the way. Stitch the ends of the bias binding so it does not unravel. The bias binding gives extra firm grip when you stretch the fabric between the two parts of the hoop.


You will need a special punchneedle tool and threader. I can see no way of successfully doing a pattern without these pieces of equipment.

There are at least two sizes of tool, depending on which thread you intend to use.

Finishing Off

With Punchneedle, there is no way of securing the threads, either at the start of a length of thread or at the end. You will be left with lots of loose ends, which looks horrible to any stitcher. Also, the loops which form the pattern are vulnerable to being pulled out by inquisitive little (and big) fingers stroking the texture, leaving unsightly snags.

Many of the designers’ instruction sheets suggest that we secure the loose ends using fabric glue. I do not like this, since the glue may show through the fabric and some embroidery threads are not colourfast.

I use fusible (iron-on) interfacing or other fusible fabric such as that design for applique work.

Cut a piece of the interfacing to the same size as the design, or slightly bigger.

Put a very thick towel (or one folded over several times) onto your ironing board and place your finished work face-down on the towel.

Gently stroke the loose ends of the threads so that they all lie within the worked area.

Position the interfacing over the worked area and iron into place using a damp cloth. Use as little pressure as possible so that you do not flatten the loops.


Your Punchneedle work may be displayed in a frame but preferably not under glass, as you may lose the textured effect. If you do want to display it under glass, ask your framer about double or triple mounts, or box frames.

Punchneedle work can also be mounted in greeting cards, or used as a brooch (brooch backs are available from most craft shops), or attached to a bag. The possibilities are endless.
Online Catalogue >  Punch Needle  >  Punchneedle Tips

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